Sunday, February 21, 2016

Itinerant Gentleman Adventurers - Session 5: It's Got A +9 Against Ogres

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The party began the session by getting Nym, former mate of the kobold chieftain and Vex's new lover, to give them info about the valley and the caves. Using this information they ambushed the ogre (and took him down pretty quickly). The party then cleared out the goblin cave, went back to the keep, and discovered the secret entrance to the hobgoblins' lair.

  • Valkorme was on autopilot because Stew had Valentine's Day stuff to do with his wife.
  • The ogre got ganked pretty hard. He was only able to get one shot off before going down.
  • Alton got knocked out in a fight for the first time. The common room and goblin chief encounter ended up being combined and he got cut off from the group. He survived, but took quite a bit of damage.
  • The party opened an account and the keep's bank.  During this time they also discovered the jewel merchant and his wife were overdue.
Due to some unfortunate events this campaign will have to be put on indefinite hiatus soon. My goal is to finish the adventure. Even if we aren't able to clear all of the caves, we should be able to clear the hobgoblin and cultists' caves.

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