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Punverse - Hack Barnstormer

This post is going to be devoted to a hero created by my good friend John Hancock. Hack Barnstormer is his creation and JC's actually got an entire supers world designed for Hack. Being the cool cat he is, he's allowed me to used elements of it in the Punverse. The following is an abridged Pun-ified version of Hack's story thus far.


Hack was developed in a black book underground government facility located in rural Nebraska. The fascility was dedicated solely to producing self-propelled flaying commandos, and Hack was the first successful prototype of these flying soldiers. He is able to fly by harnessing the chemical reaction the human body produces when exposed to certain poisons at a cellular level. Soldiers in this project are designed to consume and burn a fuel created in the government lab specifically for this project. This allows the soldiers to fly at peak efficiency, but any poison, fuel, or alcohol will allow the soldiers to be fueled up and and attain flight. Hack was genetically-engineered for enhanced strength, stamina, and speed. His agility, gross motor dexterity, and eye-hand coordination were also enhanced to allow for navigation at high speeds in the air. These traits are between enhanced and super levels. Hack's bones are designed to be denser than regular bones and to heal at a quicker rate. Hack is also able to convert oxygen at much more efficient rates than normal humans to allow for breathing while in flight and while at higher altitudes. Soldiers in this program were also designed to have photographic memories in order to memorize numerous targets, rendezvous points, contigencies, and routes for each flight mission.

Hack was taken from the facility by a member of a religious cult who believed he was the prophesied hero who would "save an evil city and maintain moderation and balance." This occurred when Hack was 10 months old. The cult member was tracked down and killed, but not before he had placed Hack in an RV. The man who was drving the RV didn't find Hack until he was several states away. The man reported finding Hack to children's services and was told he could take care for Hack until his parents or suitable foster family was found. Nobody was ever found for Hack, and so he was raised by the man, Del Hartlage. Del called Hack because the only item Hack had with him was the tattered remnant of a maintenance worker's jacket reading "hack" (the government facility being the Shacklesberg Development Site). Del never officially adopted Hack because he never wanted Hack to give up hope that his real family would come for him one day. As a result, Hack never had an official last name. Hack had been homeschooled and excelled in learning due to his enhanced memory. Del passed away when Hack was 15 and because Hack had already graduated high school and college (1st degree in Chemistry) he was declared an emancipated minor by the court and allowed to live on his own. Hack bounced from degree to degree for the next five years (bachelors in sociology, American literature, and physics; masters in public policy and quantum theory; doctorates in biomechanics and law) and began drinking heavily. He discovered he had a general dislike for gainful employment and took work as a cropduster and flew a biplane in air shows on most weekends. During an air show, Hack fell from his plane while slightly inebriated and his powers of flight were activated.

Soon after he was contacted by the members of the Church of Moderation about his destiny to save Las Vegas. Hack scoffed at this idea, but became caught up in a lengthy adventure which resulted in his gaining numerous allies among the superhero community and making even more enemies in the supervillain and mercernary community. During this adventure, Hack learned of various other genetic offspring from the project that created him. Most notable of this group is Version 6. Version 6 works to be the greatest hero (Standard Bearer) and most ruthless villain (Blight), so he can control both sides od the equation. Version 6 is a more advanced and complete version of Hack.

Shortly after Hack discovered his powers, he was contacted by the Supervisors (a committee of supers who regulates (as best they can) the supers community). Highbrow was his contact, and she informed Hack that he must take an approved name. Hack chose Barnstormer out of respect for Del. Del's favorite hero was a non-powered hero of the 1920's called Barnstormer. Barnstormer had be dead for over 25 years, so Hack was allowed to assume his name. Hack had no official last name, and took on Barnstormer. This makes Hack one of the few persons in the supers community who doesn't have an alter-ego.

Hack is an expert in alcohol brands, mixed drinks, airplane models and maintenance, video games, hip hop, Chinese cuisine, 80's cartoons, photography, junk food, and westerns


That ends the write up that JC sent me about Hack. The following section deals with Hack and his story in the Punverse


The black book governmet project that created Hack is just one of many that has created super soldiers in America.

The original Barnstormer sacrificed himself by crashing a comandeered space craft into the heart of the Kalzan Hordes mothership, during the same invasion that saw the founding of the Guard.

Version 6, in both of his guises, has been active in the spotlight and behind the scenes.

After proving the prophecy true (sort of), Hack decided to mover further west and has become affiliated with the Five City Saints. He's been spending time with Old Glory II, the grandaughter of a superhero that helped mentor Hack.

Powers: Flight, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Constitution, Photographic Memory, Super Dexterity, Immune to Poison, Regeneration

PL: 10

Archetype/Source: -

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