Monday, September 11, 2017

Light City - Hellcow

This is my third time statting out the Hellcow. You can check out Mutants and Masterminds 3e stats here and 5th Edition D&D stats here. Also, I know I've posted a lot of vampire stats for Light City. I've done Prince Mamuwalde, vampire Wolverine, and The League of Vampires. This will be my last Light City vampire post for a while.... probably.


Real Name: Bessie
First Appearance: Giant-Size Man-Thing #5 (1975)
AC 7 [12]      HD: 5+2    Attacks:  Gore (1d6+1) or Bite (1d6-1, see below)   Special: see below    Move: 12/15 (flying)

Because of her vampirism, Bessie is essentially immortal. She is immune to non-magic attacks (unless said attack is from a silver item or a wooden stake through the heart). Bessie regenerates 5 HP every round.  She takes 10 points of damage a round when in direct contact with the sun. Holy water can harm her and she can be held at bay with holy symbols. She can be killed if a wooden stake is driven into her heart AND decapitating her or by direct sunlight.

Anyone killed by Bessie's bite will rise as a vampire in three days. Being undead, she can be resurrected via certain black magics.

Dracula Cape (Rare)
This magical cape, worn by Bessie, can transform into a large pair of leathery bat wings, granting the wearer a fly speed of 15'.

Hellcow Milk (Consumable)
Bessie's milk has healing properties. A glass can heal a character 2d6 hit points. It also acts a panacea for most diseases, including cancer. It must be drank regularly for this affect and eventually it loses it's effectiveness.

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