New content I've created for the various SURVIVE THIS!! games by Bloat Games.

The Cat - you were once human, now you're trapped in the body of a cat

Erik Thorson - vigilante and last of the Asgardians
John Mikl Thor - rock god or god of rock?
Peter Vincent - stage magician turned vampire hunter 
Herbert West - doctor, scientist, and re-animator
Kenneth Hall - first responder/survivor from Dawn of the Dead (2004)
Mia Allen - protagonist of the Evil Dead remake
Eddie Brock/Venom - Sony's film depiction of the antihero 
Bonesaw - over the top wrestler from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man flick
Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf - inspired by the Rob Cantor performance video
Joseph Seed - religious fanatic, cult leader, and antagonist of Far Cry 5
Tommy Wiseau's Joker - possibly the most insane version of Joker
Skrillex - dubstepping mutant
Rick Ross - rapper turned Gotham crime boss
Colonel America - zombie Steve Rogers
Carlton Drake/Riot - the antagonist of Sony's Venom
Bessie the Hellcow - vampiric bovine and terror of the night
Lion - charismatic criminal and master of ceremonies 
Art the Clown - horrifying slasher from Terrifier
Young Leatherface - teen cannibal slasher
Jason Vorhees (Living and Undead) - the unstoppable slasher
The Birch - corrupted dryad and protector of children
Jacob Goodnight (Living) - religiously motivated slasher from See No Evil
Jacob Goodnight (Resurrected) - resurrected slasher from See No Evil 2
Victory Crowley (Version 1) - non-supernatural take on Crowley
Victor Crowley (Version 2) - updated with supernatural characters mentioned in second film
Skeletor - the first true participant of The Purge
STEM - Artificially Intelligent implant in human host
Rusty Nail - murderous truck driver
Jennifer Check - demon-possessed teen
Pool Party Killer - slayer of spoiled rich kids
Zombie Ed - zombified slacker 

Deadites - possessed individuals of Evil Dead/Army of Darkness fame
Sugorgon - rare and sweet serpentine monster
Wax Figures - animated wax statues from Gravity Falls
Succubus - temptress demon
C.H.U.D. - cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers
Large Rabid Dog - because every game needs Cujo
Killer Tomatoes (Small and Big) - mutant fruit seeking world destruction
Killer Klown from Outerspace and PopKorn Klown - intergalactic baddies of Killer Klowns From Outerspace
Jojo the Clownzilla - gigantic killer klown from out space
DFITW Monster - forest critter enraged by sexual activity
Memory Leech - humanoid that can steal memories
Flubber (Solo and Bonded with Human) - inspired by Nerdist's gritty Flubber reboot trailer
Vegetarian Goblin - these stats are the only good thing to come from Troll 2
Feral Vamps - common vampiric infestation of the Stake Lands
Zombpire - zombie-like vampires from The Night Watchmen
Prehistoric Piranha - killer fish
Oldfield Sheep - blood thirsty genetically engineered sheep
Sheep Hybrid - humans mutated by the bite of an Oldfield Sheep
School Bus Massacre Children - cursed undead children

The Strangers - masked psychopaths
Neo-Nazi Punks - cowardly racists bullies that need punched in the face
Children of the Corn - fanatical murderous children
Crazies - folks infected with the Trixie virus
Zolt Addict - savage enhanced human addicted to Zolt energy drink

Ghoul mutant power -  mutant power for Vigilante City inspired by Tokyo Ghoul
Carnivorous Vines - deadly jungle hazard 
The Black Hymn - demonic verses every metalhead should want
Weedwacker - a new weapon
Chainsaw - a new weapon
Big Ass Chainsaw - a weapon capable of hitting multiple foes
Sky Flowers - a new tool to distract the living dead
Bad Luck - bad luck rules
Time Loops - sometimes incursions from the Otherside causes time to repeat the same event over and over.

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