New content I've created for the various SURVIVE THIS!! games by Bloat Games.

Official Releases

Among the Living - I contributed the three classes and the Someone Poisoned The Waterhole adventure seed

Dark Places & Demogorgons Holiday Special - new adventure seeds and foes for DP&D


The Cat - you were once human, now you're trapped in the body of a cat
The Mermaid/Merman - a child of the sea

Playable Characters

Erik Thorson - vigilante and last of the Asgardians
John Mikl Thor - rock god or god of rock?
Logan - an aging cinematic Wolverine
Luke Cage - hero for hire and defender of Harlem
The Thing - the hero of Yancy Street
Ripster - leader of the Street Sharks
Red Hood - Batman's wayward protege
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - conservatives think she's a witch, so why  not make her a Vigilante City mystic?
Doctor Mordrid - wizard protector of earth
Peter Vincent - stage magician turned vampire hunter 
Secret Santa - ex-spec ops mall Santa
Sabrina Spellman - half-witch/half-human (beginning of season 1)
Sabrina Spellman - half-witch/half-human (end of season 1)
Jesse McCree - gunslinging former member of Blackwatch
Herbert West - doctor, scientist, and re-animator
Leon S. Kennedy - rookie RCPD member
Kenneth Hall - first responder/survivor from Dawn of the Dead (2004)
Negan (and Lucille) - shit talking leader of the Saviors
Ash Williams - the original Evil Dead version
Ash Williams - Evil Dead 2 version
Ash Williams - Army of Darkness version
Ash Williams - Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1
Mia Allen - protagonist of the Evil Dead remake
Ashley Wednesday Addams - amalgam of the Evil Dead and Addams Family characters
The Evil Doo - Shaggy, Scooby, and Scooby Snacks
Punisher - 80's Dolph Lungren version

Potential Allies

Eddie Brock/Venom - Sony's film depiction of the antihero 
Dollman - alien cop, Brick Bardo
No-El - Kryptonian super Santa
Colonel Sanders - the Colonel of DC's main universe
E.L.F.S. - Santa's little B&E experts
Bobby Boucher - kind but simple football star
Scorpion - vengeful undead ninja
Zombie Ed - zombified slacker 
Jeffrey Ross - comedian and roast master
J. Jonah Jameson - Daily Bugle editor that just wants pictures of Spider-Man
Jack-Jack Parr - baby with incredible powers
David S. Pumpkins - David S. Pumpkins is his own thing. Any questions?
Blue - raptor protagonist of Jurassic World
Krampus - the friendlier Evil Dead 2 comic version
Sam - Half-Deadite sidekick from Evil Dead: Regeneration
Cornboy - human/corn hybrid
Taurus - bull bouncer for Lone Digger anthro club
Harry - friendly bigfoot and adopted member of the Hendersons
BMX Bigfoot - radical bigfoot

Slashers, Unique Monsters, and Other Villains

Santa (Santa's Slay) - the son of Satan
Bonesaw - over the top wrestler from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man flick
Tape Head - Slashback Video's Mascot
Phantasm - a murderous vigilante with ties to Batman's past
Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf - inspired by the Rob Cantor performance video
Joseph Seed - religious fanatic, cult leader, and antagonist of Far Cry 5
Bob the Goon - Joker's right hand goon
Tommy Wiseau's Joker - possibly the most insane version of Joker
Toyman - toy based Superman villain
Skrillex - dubstepping mutant
Rick Ross - rapper turned Gotham crime boss
Calendar Man - holiday-based killer
Black Phillip - demon lord disguised as a goat
Colonel America - zombie Steve Rogers
Santron - malfunctioning Yuletide Ultron
Carlton Drake/Riot - the antagonist of Sony's Venom
Bessie the Hellcow - vampiric bovine and terror of the night
Lion - charismatic criminal and master of ceremonies 
Art the Clown - horrifying slasher from Terrifier
Young Leatherface - teen cannibal slasher
Jason Vorhees (Living and Undead) - the unstoppable slasher
Michael Myers - slasher from original 1978 feature 
Michael Myers - Rob Zombie's version
Angel Myers - Michael's baby sister
Jason Voorhees (Deadite) - Jason Goes To Hell version of the slasher 
The Birch - corrupted dryad and protector of children
Jacob Goodnight (Living) - religiously motivated slasher from See No Evil
Jacob Goodnight (Resurrected) - resurrected slasher from See No Evil 2
Victory Crowley (Version 1) - non-supernatural take on Crowley
Victor Crowley (Version 2) - updated with supernatural characters mentioned in second film
Skeletor - the first true participant of The Purge
The Taker of Souls - powerful demon from 2013's Evil Dead 
Herzog - Nazi zombie commander
Bud the C.H.U.D. - soldier turned zombie
Mr. Wickham - 19th century zombie leader
Pee-Wee Herman - zany psycho killer
Millard Findlemeyer - the Gingerdead Man
Santa (Crypt TV) - Old Saint Nick from the Crypt TV Monster Universe
Krampus (Crypt TV) - The evil Santa from the Crypt TV Monster Universe
Sin City Psycho - deranged killer that preys on those that break their marriage vows
Swarm - intelligent Nazi bee swarm
Rusty Nail - murderous truck driver
Jennifer Check - demon-possessed teen
STEM - Artificially Intelligent implant in human host
Pool Party Killer - slayer of spoiled rich kids
Jojo the Clownzilla - gigantic killer klown from out space
Ed the Bit-Part Demon - singing, dancing deadite
Tom and Rocky - incel guard and his dog
Santa Billy - a product of a tragic childhood, this Santa punishes the naughty to death
Santa Ricky- equally unstable younger brother of Billy


Cocaine Bear - a bear high on cocaine
Deadites - possessed individuals of Evil Dead/Army of Darkness fame
Sugorgon - rare and sweet serpentine monster
Toy Imp - malicious childish fiend from the Crypt TV Monster Universe
Wax Figures - animated wax statues from Gravity Falls
Succubus - temptress demon
Yautja (Unblooded) - young intergalactic Predators
Yautja (DNA Hybrid) - the ultimate Predator
C.H.U.D. - cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers
C.H.U.D. cannibalistic humanoid underground diceroller
Large Rabid Dog - because every game needs Cujo
Proto Graboid and Ass-Blasters - Pre-precambrian underground predators 
Killer Tomatoes (Small and Big) - mutant fruit seeking world destruction
Killer Klown from Outerspace and PopKorn Klown - intergalactic baddies of Killer Klowns From Outerspace
Vampire Poodles - as seen in Weekly World News
The Trench - degenerate Deep Ones
1000 Year Soldiers - twisted Nazi supersoldiers
DFITW Monster - forest critter enraged by sexual activity
Memory Leech - humanoid that can steal memories
Flubber (Solo and Bonded with Human) - inspired by Nerdist's gritty Flubber reboot trailer
Vegetarian Goblin - these stats are the only good thing to come from Troll 2
Feral Vamps - common vampiric infestation of the Stake Lands
Vampires (30 Days of Night) - sharks in humanoid form
Skrull - MCU shapeshifting aliens
Zombpire - zombie-like vampires from The Night Watchmen
Prehistoric Piranha - killer fish
Krampus Gift - twisted toys that serve the anti-Santa
Oldfield Sheep - blood thirsty genetically engineered sheep
Berserker - undead Asgardian warriors of the MCU
Sheep Hybrid - humans mutated by the bite of an Oldfield Sheep
School Bus Massacre Children - cursed undead children
Toy Soldier Mecha - giant Toy Soldier 
Alien Slug - brain devouring, zombie creator slugs from another planet
Hijos De Los Condenados - possessed children that seek to cleanse the world of adults
Freddy Fazbear Animatronic - mechanical monstrosity from FNAF
Robo Patriot - thinking robot program to save American lives as judge/jury/executioner  
Nazi Zombie - Herzog's undead minions
Snow Golem - a frosty foe
Toulon Puppet - tiny spies and killers for the Reich
Megaladon - shark of kaiju proportions
Little Lori - demon possessed doll
Protector Security Robot - automated mall security
Hill People - deformed canibal desert dwellers

The Strangers - masked psychopaths
Neo-Nazi Punks/Klansmen - cowardly racists bullies that need punched in the face
Children of the Corn - fanatical murderous children
Crazies - folks infected with the Trixie virus
Zolt Addict - savage enhanced human addicted to Zolt energy drink
Cannibal Butcher - rural slasher
Coven Members - mortal followers of demon lords
Psycho Santa - lunatics in Santa outfits
Robo Santa - Yuletide mechanical helper
Mascot Morlock - degenerate theme park workers
Mimesis Zombie - deranged LARPer
Jobber - wrasslers trained to take a fall
Zed Parent - obsessed with staying a family despite zombification

The Hammer of Invincibility - weapon of the Almighty Thor
The Woodcutter's Mask and Blade - cursed artifacts from  You Might Be The Killer
Necronomicon - The Book of the Dead
NecroLOLicon - Humorous companion to the Necronomicon
HoHonomicon - dark Xmas themed tome
Bumper Death Cars - bladed bumper cars
Kandarian Dagger - a weapon against the Evil Dead
Freddy's Glove - primary weapon of the Springwood Slasher
The Yellow Sign - glyph tied to the King in Yellow
The Devil's Key - a powerful artifact tied to Satan
Ghoul mutant power -  mutant power for Vigilante City inspired by Tokyo Ghoul
Carnivorous Vines - deadly jungle hazard 
The Black Hymn - demonic verses every metalhead should want
Return of the Living Dead Hack - suggestions to turn your Zombies! game into RotLD
Shredder Armor - razor sharp armor worn by a dark ninja master
Weedwacker - a new weapon
Chainsaw - a new weapon
Big Ass Chainsaw - a weapon capable of hitting multiple foes
Machete Launcher - it's like a crossbow.... that fires machetes
Sky Flowers - a new tool to distract the living dead
Bad Luck - bad luck rules
Time Loops - sometimes incursions from the Otherside causes time to repeat the same event over and over.
Boogie Bomb - a funky grenade
Tenafly Viper - tainted liquor 
Voodoo Poison - a drought that renders specters vulnerable to mortals
Love Potions - a potion to make someone never wanna give you up
Pred-Assure - heat masking deo

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